Storage Administration z/OS Pocket Reference 1.9 est un mémento de référence sur le stockage sous z/OS proposé par DTS Software. On y trouve plein d’informations utiles : capacité des disques, calcul d’espace disque, de blocksize, limites des datasets VSAM/non-VSAM, informations SMS, etc.

Voici le sommaire complet de ce document :

Common Out-Of -Space Error Codes
DASD Device Information.
     VTOC DSCB Types
     DASD Device Capacities
     Dataset / Device Type Codes
Tape Label Processing
EXPDT Conventions
Volume Mounting and Usage
Non-SMS DASD Volume Use Attributes
     Volume Mount Attributes
     Mount Volume on Unit
Blocksizes and Capacities
     3390 Device Space Calculation
     3390 Blocksize Chart
     3390 Blocksize Chart – 3380 Comp. Mode
Dataset Limits.
DFSMSdss Information
     Logical Dump
     Logical Restore
FDRABR Information
     Full or Incremental Backup
     Dataset Restore from Backup
     SELECT Statement for Restore from Backup
DFSMShsm Information.
     Delete Migrated Dataset with
     Missing/Damaged MCD Record
     DFSMShsm ADDVOL Command
     DFSMShsm QUERY Command
TSO Commands for DFSMShsm
Useful Console Commands.
     Display SMS Subsystem Information
     Activate an SMS Configuration
     Display / Alter Volume and Storgrp Status
     Display Linklist, APF libraries, Dynamic Exits
     Add Dataset to Linklist
     Free a Linklisted Dataset
     APF-Authorize a Load Library
     Set SMS Subsystem Options
     Display SMF Dataset Names
     Display SMF Options
     Display Device Information
     Display System Configuration Information
     SMS and OAM/LCS Console Commands
RACF Information
     DFSMSdss Facility Class Profiles
     ABARS FACILITY Class Profiles
     Storage Admin Cmd & Keyword Profiles
     Other RACF Resources.
VSAM / IDCAMS Information
     Delete Orphan VVDS Record
     Recatalog a VSAM Cluster
     Delete Catalog Entry
     Print Contents of VVDS
SMS Subsystem Information
     Data Class Attributes
     Storage Class Attributes
     Management Class Attributes
     Storage Group Attributes
Automatic Class Selection Variables
Dataset Naming Conventions.
DFSMShsm Tape Dataset Naming Convention
SYS1.PARMLIB members.
APAR Status Codes
APAR Resolution Codes
PTF Closing Codes
ACC/SRS Allocation and Error-Prevention Rules
General Purpose Register
     Standard 72-Byte Save Area
     144-Byte Save Area
     208-Byte Save Area
Julian Perpetual Calendar – Non-Leap Years
Julian Perpetual Calendar – Leap Years
EBCDIC – to – Hex Character Conversion Chart